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Adult Fairy Tale

It was warm and sunny, August afternoon whenI landed at the airport in Tampere. It was my first time in Finland. I was amazed byt the peace and the quietness in the airport. People walked around without any rush. I sat on the bench near the bus stop. It was the moment when I realized that I was surrounded by forest which seemed to have no end. Then an idea came to my mind: Moomins. Suddenly I understood why this story which accompanied me through my whole childhood came into existence exactly in Finland.

The airport seemed to be encircled with impassable amount of trees where all real and imaginary animals might live. I would not have been surprised if Moomin or his ancestor troll went out the woods. Although, the forest is not something unusual for me, I felt disturbed and anxious about it. It was not the only time I had that feeling - I sensed it also at the lake where no leaf on any tree were moving and water stayed peacefully still. I realized that it was all about calmness, silence and stability which have emanated from the Finnish countryside. This immaculate Finnish nature was most visible in Lapland. A endless landscape covered with snow made an impression of virginity and purity.

While I was admiring the never ending tract of snow it brought me back MoominÂ’s words when he for the first time in his life woke up in the middle of the winter. He said: "It is dead. Whole world died when I was sleeping."

And then I understood why I was anxious about this landscape at the beginning. I presaged isolation and loneliness which hung in the air. This feeling was intensified by darkness that came with the winter.

In spite of all I did not fall into a hibernation. I also did not know what a winter depression was. I decided to come back to stories of Moomins and to remind myself about this colorful world full of strange creatures. From the adult perspective I realized how simple and true was the philosophy of Moomins life. These dreamlike stories talk about value of bonds with another human being and importance of family and roots.

I decided to treat Moomin books as my guide. They told me how to fit in the Finnish world. I could not lose opportunity to visit Moominworld while staying in Finland. I made a trip to Naantali at the end of September. Although the park was closed and there were no tourist attraction I went into it just for a walk. The golden, sunny and warm autumn dominated in the air. While crossing the bridge to Moominworld I withdrew into my childish mood. I felt like running into world of fantasy with Tove Jansson, author of Moomin books.

After this journey I realized that I achieved harmony. I can trudge through life with perception of mature woman and with point of view of innocent and careless child. This discovery made my life full of charm and joy. Nevertheless I can find solutions for all my problems from Moomins. That is the idea I would recommend to others as well.

Kamila Majchrzycka

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  1. Majsteri Rantaluola (05.03.09, kello 23:23)

    Dear Kamila,
    Finland is a country with many faces. If you should ever tire of your image of this land as a haven for trolls and goblins (not to speak of orcs), try Ballard. J.G. Ballard's view of this country would most probably center on the fact that we live in a "desert of snow dunes". Somehow people have managed to build structures, roads, IT centers, shops, brothels (?), Impi Castles, hamburger joints and stadia here that would be unthinkable in the Sahara amid the sand dunes. But it's the same nightmare. This place is a Ballardian dystopia from which it is possible to escape -in the summer - not every summer. Viva Crash!

  2. Robert (13.03.09, kello 20:58)

    "Kamila hei sun täytyy muuttuu / sun elämästäs suunta puuttuu / sä aina tartut Niisku-neidin häntään / se ei johda mihinkään / Sä et oo mikään tyttö enää / sun pitäis tehdä jotain järkevää / ja lapselliset Muumit lopettaa..."

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