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Another setback for Atalpa expansion

The expansion of the University Sports Building Atalpa is at risk of being delayed again. The building has for long been considered overcrowded, and last fall Atalpa Oy made a motion to expand the premises with approximately 1000 square metres.

Now the expansion seems to have been put on hold for bureaucratic reasons. The building is owned by Senate Properties that cannot afford to put any money into its expansion before the year 2008. Atalpa Oy cannot seek outside funding independently since it is only a subtenant of the University of Tampere.

The two parties cannot agree on the reasons for the delay, and until something happens, students will be sweating in a fully cramped Sports Building. The number of students using AtalpaÂ’s services has doubled in a little over a decade.

Course schedules affect autumnÂ’s housing shortage

The Student UnionÂ’s temporary accommodation has not been able to provide room for everyone who needs it. "There were 15 people living in this apartment in August", describes Shahzad Akhtar Awan a temporary accommodation apartment of three rooms.

It is mostly foreign students that need temporary accommodation. "We cannot reduce the number of exchange students", says DS Coordinator Mikko Markkola.

"If courses started in September, exchange students would not need to seek accommodation in August", explains Tamy Project Secretary Kaisa Koskinen.

Exchange students are required to pay the Tampere Student Housing Foundation Toas 250 euros for housing procurement. Koskinen estimates that 95% of the students residing in temporary accommodation apartments have paid that sum in time.

The study grant petition gathered 127109 names

The petition demanding the raising of the study grant gathered 127 109 names. National student unions delivered the petition to the parliament on the 12th September as a plate the shape of a platinum record. The heads of parliamentary factions, among others, were present to receive the plate.

Development aid group from India to visit Tampere

Four representatives of Tamy´s Indian NGO project partner Gravis will be visiting Tampere for the period from 25th September to 2nd October. Gravis is currently conducting a project for the improvement of women and girls’ health conditions. The project is being funded by Tamy members´ volunteer donations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Occasions open for all members of Tamy include a visit to Morenia, a lecture on the work of Gravis, a visit to a sheltered home in Tammela, and India night.

New Main Library inauguration

The new University Main Library will be officially inaugurated on Tuesday, 26th September. The festivities will begin at 15.30. Rector Krista Varantola will give a welcome speech, and Minister of Education Antti Kalliomäki will pay the respects of the Council of State.

The Linna Building consists of six aboveground storeys and two underground storeys, with an overall space of 14 500 square metres. The Tampere University Foundation owns the Linna building and has leased it to the University. The construction costs were 26 million euros. The main library has been named after writer Väinö Linna, who lived in Tampere. Guided tours of the building will be held at 14.00 and 14.30 on the day of the inauguration. The tours start in the lobby of the entrance from Pinninkatu Street.

Translations: Reija Kontio

The English name for Tamy to change

Tamy is planning to change its English name. The current English name of the Student Union is the Student Union of Tampere University which is a bit clumsy and not quite accurate. A more appropriate translation would be Student Union of University of Tampere. The chairperson of Tamy´s Executive Board, Aksu Piippo, reckons that the Council of Representatives will make the change sometime this autumn.

Translation: Aatu Lehtovaara

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