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Näin on! Kirjoituksia Tamysta: Don’t whine, vote!

Me and my friends have this philosophy that you’re not allowed to complain about things if you’re not willing to do something about it.

I know it’s a provocative statement and that it sometimes helps to simply let it all out, but there are so many ways to take action in student life that there really is no excuse for moaning. Take for example problems with housing, the way teachers treat you or trouble finding friends or a community you can identify with. These are all things that can be influenced and solved. And it is actually pretty easy - you just pay the Student Union fee! By doing so, you have the right to use your voice in the Student Union.

In order for the Student Union to know what you really want to change or what problems need to be solved, it needs some help. This is why we have the Council of Representatives. The Council is a decision-making body where 40 students decide on almost everything related to student life. The most convenient way to make sure that the Council is concentrating on things that are important to you is to vote in the upcoming representative elections held on 1-2 November. With a total of 183 candidates, there is bound to be someone who is thinking in the same way as you!

So whether you are a Finnish student, an international degree student or an exchange student, you now have a great opportunity to impact your student life. Don’t whine, vote!

Gritten Naams

The columnist is a member of the board of the Student Union

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